Montreal Sports Academy

Martial arts to develop a stronger and more resilient body

while improving strength of character and confidence.

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Discover your inner strengths and test your physical abilities.

The ASM offers a variety of martial arts programs, including karate, boxing fitness, kodudo (weapons training: Bo, Sai, Nuchaku, etc.), as well as self-defense. The academy is a proud member of the Yoshukan Association Inc. In addition, its members are registered with Karaté Québec, as well as Karaté Canada. The ASM offers a competition component in karate and stands out for its caliber. For its boxing fans, the ASM is also a member of the FQBO (Fédération Québécoise de boxe olympique). Kobudo practitioners are members of the Kobudo Honzon Shinko Kai style.

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Monday to Saturday:

Martial arts classes at the Gadbois Recreation Center in Montreal.

Traditional Karate & Competition

Boxing Fitness

Kobudo | Weapons

I discovered a club that changed my vision of the sport. Above all, I have outdone myself and I am more disciplined. I have developed a routine that improves my confidence.


It’s all new for me to practice boxing. With the advice of my coaches, I understood that I could train with passion. Thank you S. Louise.


I remember the day I stepped into the dojo. I didn’t think I had the ability to learn self-defense. I’m proud to have persevered, now it’s a game.



The teaching of traditional karate aims to form the character of the person and promotes respect for others. Determination, sincerity, effort, etiquette and self-control are the rules of the dojo. In short, a true karateka must strive for perfection in both philosophy and physical performance.

Kancho Earl Robertson, Hanshi 8th Dan Yoshukan Leader

Kyoshi Louise Provencher, 7th Dan ASM Head Coach

Our senior instructors, from left to right: Renshi Rob Kalinowicz, Shihan Charles Mayer, Sensei Matthaeus Bauernberger and Sensei Dina Agnessi


Left to Right: Renshi Rob Kalinowicz, Shihan Charles Mayer, Sensei Matthaeus Bauernberger et Sensei Dina Agnessi

Sempai Samy & Aïda


Marianne Boulé, Patrice Boily-Martineau, Guy Viau et Louise Provencher


Peter Abecassis

national coaching
Conseil du sport de mtl

ASM is a non-profit organization and its instructors are accredited, certified and recognized by municipal, provincial and national sport organizations and government federations.