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Parent-Child classes and competition

Courses available for all levels

Like any combat sport opposing two opponents, it is first of all a martial art called Japanese. We develop and coach our athletes for high competition. Our mission is to help our athletes develop their physical and mental abilities in order to achieve personal excellence in their category.

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Beginners’ courses

All persons wishing to begin the practice of karate aged 5 years and older are invited to register for the beginners’ classes. You can come on Mondays, Wednesdays and or Saturdays. Course fees are based on the number of practices per week during a session (see schedule and prices above). In addition, we do not require the wearing of a uniform until the first belt test. However, if you want a karate gi (uniform), we sell them for $75.

Advanced courses

Depending on the age of the participant, anyone with a yellow or orange belt will be promoted to the more advanced classes. The same practice criteria apply for the advanced courses.

Courses for blue, brown and black belts

We encourage the advancement of karatekas. To obtain a black belt, we have established a program that includes technical standards as well as minimum practice time to progress from one rank to a higher level.

Parent-child course

The practice of karate in the form of games is very stimulating for the 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds. The parent (parents may alternate) practices in duet with their child under the direction of the coach.

WKF Sports karate

ASM stands out in competition in the combat category. Moreover, its instructors are all Canadian champions in their respective divisions. All have represented us internationally for more than 10 years as a member of the Canadian team. Our young athletes continue on their way to reaching podiums with a program that includes physical and mental preparation.

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Annual fee:

The annual karate fees are divided into 2 parts, for the Yoshukan style association and for the Karate Quebec membership. This fee is included in the registration fee for Kyu members (all color belts). Black belt members will have an annual fee of $150 payable in September.