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Did you know that the practice of kobudo (martial arts) began before Karate?

Kobudo and karate were born on the island of Okinawa in Japan.

We are privileged to be taught the Ryuku Honzon Shinko Kai kobudo style by Hanshi Devorah Dometrich, 9th Dan. During her stay in Okinawa of more than 10 years, she was one of Akamine’s 4 students and only non Japanese. In addition, she is also highly recognized and ranked in Iaido and Karate.

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Hanshi Devorah Dometrich 9th Dan

Bo training for all

Advanced Bo training

Charles Mayer, 4th Dan ASM instructor

Kobudo offers you the best way to develop a basic technique that is transferable to karate.

Improve your basic technique, the precise and efficient use of your biomechanics.

Increase your efficiency (strength | speed) by learning proven techniques.

Perfect your coordination through the fluid application of a chain of body movements.

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The annual fee for membership in Kobudo is $30 per year. This fee is charged in January of each year.